My first English post on my blog

Many guys thnink my English is very well, I don’t know the reason. In fact, my English is very poor. I can read technology article and write simple mails. But I cannot speak English. Some gusy may know I am born in ShangDong, so sometimes I cannot speak Chinese very well. So I was very shy if I should make a speech.

Now I want to use my blog to study English again. I don’t try to write articles in English for many years. So if you find mistakes, please add comments to notify me.

I will post an article every night.

Good night.


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  1. Ha, I found the English blog.
    English isn’t our native language, although all of us have studied for many years, In fact, most of us can’t attain the proficiency . Oh, you are so modest !

    I think, we are able to simply speak or write it to make other people understand in work or in daily life.
    But we really feel that English isn’t always enough even if you don’t take an exam or go abroad. we would like to take it as a tool and learn more to make ourselves progress, to gain more knowledges to improve ourselves.

    However, it is not easier to do the thing. The interest is important for us. hope that we could persist in doing it.

    Very pleased to hear that you try to write an article in English every day. :)study together.

  2. I don’t try to write articles in English for many years.

    should be

    I have not been trying to write articles in English for many years.

  3. hello, nice to meet you.
    I can not speak english very well either. I think it is the reason that, when i saw your words, i didn’t ever think that there was mistakes anywhere. 🙂

  4. ye , what you said in the articles is quite right . i also have the same fellings about english . when my boss ask me to send an email to the customer . i fell so embrassment . i don ot how to write it perfect.

  5. in fact we have come into a society in which everyone pays great effort in english learning ,so you can imagine how comptetetive should be as an english major student i should work even harder ,try to practise more and more in a ll aspects ,and hope to learn a lot from the friends here my qq is 282668785 if anyone is interested in chatting in english ,you are welcomed and hope to make good friends with all of you

  6. nice to contact all of u. i just find this english corner today. it is very interesting . we can improve and chat with each other through this way.
    and i think all of u have a very great english skills. in fact i have to learn from all of u. really. i am working and contacting foreign customer is my major duty, but my boss will scold me when i make some mistakes. i should be very careful about this. lets study together.

  7. Hi, glad to meet an IT expert. I have a website of my own built up by a guy using asp technology. I want to learn to write the asp. code so that I can build and update my website by myself. These days I am busy looking throught Microsoft offical asp website but still have no idea about those complex concepts. I hope you would be kind enough to help me. Thank you. I have installed VWD and SQL 2005 into my computer. What else should I download beside these? Thank you for your help.

    P.s. When you want to express your English level. you can say my English is good or my English is not good or my English is poor. Use the word "good" after "is". The word "well" is used with the verb when expressing the meaning of "good". For instance, she cannot speak English well.


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