Blue sky and white clouds

Many years ago, I lived at a little country in Shangdong. Every morning at sunrise, I go to school by bike. I like the sky and clouds. You know it’s so beatifule because they aren’t polluted. It’s so far from my home to school, so I would spent 30 minutes on my way ( should I use “on“?).  I can watch the sky and clouds very carefully.

I liked to sing when nobody was nearby me for my singing voice is so bad.

I loved the sky and white clounds in my memory.




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  1. This blog is reminding me of my childhood… oh, at the time the sky was so blue, the moon was so bright, we were so happy. I am missing childhood friends, where is they now? how are they?Still memorize the innocent ages full of fun and rains …

    The past time can’t be get back, we know more when we aren’t a child. And we try to learn how to face problems and to deal with troubles we encountered. we encourage ourselves and share sth with new friends. Hope to keep our heart young with joy…

    oh, I have to hold my mood, so busy work today. Just now I looked through the site. It is found that many new members joined in the blogs, hehe, great! Hope to develop greater for the site. I will spend time reading it every day, and try to comment in English if I have free time. 🙂

    Ha, your mother haven’t come back from Shandong, oh, poor guy, delicious instant noodles…:P

  2. I think your comment is better than my post.
    I don’t know how to describe my mood in English, because my English words are so poor.
    I always want to go back the past. But I know I cannot get back. These days, I read a book named "The arrow of time". It’s very abstruse. But I am interested in this book for I study physics in Captial Normal University.

  3. Thanks for your comments!
    But I still found some grammar structure mistakes or phraseological mistakes in my posting.
    My level isn’t good enough to help you, but I want to make a interactive effect here, not only read blogs.

    Oh, I’m very depressed now. :(The reason is that I was criticized in the meeting of this morning. It is only because of problem that I helped my colleague do work, but it hadn’t been allowed by my director. 5555…

  4. I have the same feeling too. The sun always shines and the sky is alway blue in my hometown. I miss those days.

    When will the god damned beijing sky become clear??? 2008???

    last night, I looked up at the sky and tried to find those familiar stars. But I couldn’t. The ground was too damn bright. Only few stars can be seen.

    btw, somebody should kick Aliy’s director’s ass.

  5. um… U said U could saw the sky and the clouds carefully when U on the way to school by bike… haven’t U afraid about that ?????
    How could U look up when U were on a run bike…??


  6. To a certain degree,i am your countryman .I also live in a small village in a county.I am a girl,only twenty.TO computer ,I am a stranger.And there is not a computer belonging to myself.

  7. aha,I come from a very small country which has more than twenty familys,but we love eachother,and my village is beautfual,now,I learning at a university,and I haven’t went to home for two years,I miss it,miss all the people in my village.

  8. are you a romantic person? I think so,but when you entered into the society, you have no time to think about those things,your work pressure,family business,and other things , I know we should keep a healthy attitude to face the life, hope you happy!

  9. I am now studying in Dali of yunnan ,a peaceful and quiet place with some gentle wind and soft sunlight everywhere. Consequently, I have the same mood _____ blue sky and white clouds and fresh air . how delight that we still have those genuie and perfect secencies of nature.
    and at the same time, all of us will bedeeply understand impression that how lucky we are to live here and study here happyly. Let’s cherish this great gift from nature to strive for our dreams ! Friends!!

  10. It’s my first time to this blog when I scan a word to be used in my papaer. Woo, this is not so bad, at least there’s some reply from different familiar or unfamiliar people. However, we can not only memorize all past beautiful days and things in the seat, let’s stand up and do what we can do for our motherland, for the thing nice and beautiful.
    In career, try to be more careful and play some tricks sometimes, you have to know how to be a round stone!

  11. In my opinion I think you are right. I am a new student who come from Zhu Madian,and which is a beautiful place.But when I come here I found the air of Xinxiang make people disappiont. I can not see the blue skey’ the white wind,the beautiful moon, the bright stars and so on, all of this remind me of my hometown and I miss it very much. Founatly the production in my home is not advance,so it dose not bring much pollution to my hometown . I do not know why we have to polute the surround to make money? Why we can not make friend with our nature? I am very sad about our beautiful home( the earth)

  12. Yes,I think it is very beautiful.In my hometown,the sky is blue,the cloud is white and the air is very fresh.But when I came here,I found everything is different.I can never see the beautiful scenery.I miss my hometown’s moon,stars and my parents.


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