在Asp.Net论坛上有一篇帖子,发贴人表示听说VB.NET中将增加一个Edit & Continue(就是说,你可以在程序运行时停止在一个断点时,修改代码,然后按照新的代码接着运行,而不需要停止运行后重新编译)的功能,而C#中并没有计划加入这个功能。

下面是一个对MS成员的访谈片断,中间说道Edit & Continue特性是在.net framework内实现的,就是说,C#要实现这个功能是完全可行的。但是这个特性对C#程序员并不重要,所以…

“PM: As far as other languages go, I understand edit-and-continue is implemented in the framework, but not all .NET languages are required to implement it. For example, C# won’t.

AB: That is correct. ……. This was high on the list of VB.NET developer requests, and relatively unimportant to C# developers surveyed. But we understand our customers will be up in arms if we deliver Whidbey without edit-and-continue.

Edit-and-continue has always been part of the soul of Visual Basic, so VB developers have expected it to be there. Not surprisingly, they were a little shocked when it wasn’t in there. ”