Microsft 安全新闻快递 Volume 1

终于收到第一期的 Microsoft Security Newsletter,内容翔实而丰富,IT Pro 不得不看。


  • Viewpoint
    • Windows Server 2003 and Public Key Infrastructure
  • Top Stories
    • Security Is the Focus at Microsoft DevDays 2004(可见 Microsoft 对于安全的重视程度,安全已不再只是管理员的事,更是开发人员须重视的问题)
  • Security Guidance
    • The 10 Immutable Laws of Security Administrator
    • Office 2003 Security Enhancements
  • Security Focus – Patch Management
    • Help Keep Critical System Secure with Path Management (主要是关于 SUS、SMS)
    • Understanding Pathc and Update Management: Microsoft’s Software Update Strategy
  • MVP Update:讲与 Security 有关 MVP 的事情
  • This Month’s Security Bulletins(本月安全公告)
  • 大量安全资源链接(Webcast、Events、Newsgroups、Security Resources、Community Web Sites)


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