上次提到棋谱分析器mvm想要一个音乐推荐器。相比一下,两者都需要一个庞大的数据库,一大堆meta data(元数据?),以及这些meta data间的联系。有区别的是,棋谱相对小些,而且可以通过分析棋谱来得出这些meta data,音乐就难了,可以通过分析波形来得出这些东西么?

说到Intelligent Search,[via Tim Bray] 具有鲜明观点的IT业界著名writer Robert X.Cringely提到一种与Google大不相同的Search技术,也许能让搜寻更准确。拥有该技术的Meaning Master Technologies 公司(公司的口号: Search with the Power of Meaning) 的CEO Kathleen Dahlgren说,

“We model the way people interpret the meanings of a word — through context. We search on meaning by using grammar and structure and semantics. Every word has associated with it a set of beliefs.”

  1. [via Christian Nagel] Tim Sneath的《What’s New in ADO.NET 2.0》 说,ADO.NET 2.0对下列这些用户常见的要求都会满足

    –How do I get ADO.NET to make multiple updates in a single batched operation?
    –How do I implement a data tier which is provider agnostic without resorting to OLE DB?
    –How do I convert a DataReader into a DataSet?
    –How can I optimise DataSet serialisation?
    –How can I use two DataReader objects simultaneously? (一个论坛上常见的问题)

这里还有一个ADO.NET 组项目经理Pablo Castro的MSDN TV演示,或者直接下载

  1. [via Roy Osherove] Notepad2? (NOTEPAD is my favorite ),其功能包括:
    • Customizable syntax highlighting:
       • HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, CSS, Perl/CGI
       • C/C++, C#, Java, VB, Pascal, Assembler, SQL, Python, NSIS
       • INI, REG, INF, BAT, DIFF
    • Drag & drop text editing inside and outside Notepad2
    • Basic regular expression search and replace
    • Useful word, line and block editing shortcuts
    • Rectangular selection (Alt+Mouse)
    • Brace matching, auto indent, long line marker, zoom functions
    • Support for Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac text files
    • Open shell links
    • Mostly adjustable

  2. [via Julia Lerman] 经常看见有人埋怨VB.NET的Code Sample少,可以去Visual Basic Developer Center看看,那里还有一堆录像 Visual Basic At The Movies

  3. 这里有对 Julia Lerman 的采访: 《.NET Rock Star: Julia Lerman 》。 Julia Lerman是MVP,也是INETA负责人之一。采访中她谈到了对MVP的看法,

“….I think MVPs are part of a group of people who, just for the love of the technology, cannot help themselves when it comes to lending a hand with others; they love to share information. Such people have no expectations of anything in return – just the pleasure they derive from helping. So many people fit into this category! That’s created some difficulties for Microsoft, as they attempt to identify these people and give them the MVP award. The MVP award is thanks for what you have done in the past year, and is granted for only one year at a time…”