Big Picture in MSN Messenger

今天从别人那儿学到个新鲜玩意儿,大大增加了 MSN Messenger 趣味性,看来 MSN Messenger 还有很多可以 Hack 的地方呀 笑脸

这就是用 MSN Shell 来实现的,有机会赶紧试一下吧。

BTW:为了显而易见地说明效果,抱歉直接在 Post 中用原始图片了。

查看:MSN Shell 站点 
下载:MSN Shell 3.1

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  1. Sorry,刚开始犯了点小错误,横向的 scrollbar 没有出来 ,现在好了,不影响页面大局了

    实在不忍心用缩放把 MM 们的脸和身材变得惨不忍赌呀

  2. TO 孙展波:

    意思是 msn 窗口再大一些,以便适合更大的图片,要是说让图片大一些,那就说不清了 …

  3. To 找天下兄:他是MCS,每天非常忙。有任何技术问题,建议您去论坛去找答案?

  4. yi,我怎么觉得这个功能在Messenger6.1本身就支持啊,和MsnShell没有关系呀?你们不装MSNShell3.1,难道没有这个功能吗?

  5. hi!

    i downloaded msn shell and love its functions. i chose shell>settings>emote>use cutom emoticons and display picture, and even though im able to choose bigger pictures now, they seem to appear limited to their usual 99*99 size on my conversation partners window.

    i know its inconsiderate to post here without knowing what the topic is about, but since my chinese is not that good, can somebody tell me what i need to do to get a bigger picture!?

    thank you!

  6. could someone please tell me how to do it in english or point me to a website. Sorry i only know english and would like Big picture also


  7. hi:) could someone please tell me how to do it in english or germany or turk?sh point me to a website, too. Sorry i only know this languages and would like Big picture also help me plese.

    thanks dear Sely from Turkey:)