1。WSE 2.0 可以在The Web Services Developer Center下载了

2。ASP.NET Page Framework负责人Nikhil Kothari又开始blog了,新的一篇列出了Web Forms control framework的新功能

3。对ASP.NET感兴趣的网友可以去读读下列ASP.NET 产品组成员的blog

Scott Guthrie
Rob Howard, ASP.NET Program Manager
Shanku Niyogi, ASP.NET Group Program Manager
Nikhil Kothari

4。微软的新一代编码控制系统(Codename “Hatteras“)

Source Code Control Services for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System

“Hatteras is a spicy new SQL Server-based, fully transactional, client-server source control system“

5。新宣布的Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Codename “Burton”)

…Team System is “an extensible life-cycle tools platform that helps software teams collaborate to reduce the complexity of delivering modern service-oriented solutions.”

包括下列 (depending on edition):

  • PreFast and FxCop help developers detect coding and security related issues earlier in the development cycle thereby reducing the overall cost of fixing code defects.
  • unit tests
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Distributed System Designers that help reduce the complexity of developing and deploying service-oriented applications
  • integrated source control, work item tracking, reporting, and custom policies that enable your team to efficiently manage change in your software development projects