Atlas — AJAX the Microsoft way

[来源:Don Box] 据News.Com:

“Not to be left out of any development trends, Microsoft is working to simplify the job of building so-called AJAX applications, or Web applications with sophisticated graphics”

在ASP.NET之父Scott Guthrie的网站上题为“Atlas Project”的blog里,他宣布了ASP.NET 2.0对AJAX的支持的详细内容,其中包括

1。Atlas Client Script Framework,包括
  o An extensible core framework that adds features to JavaScript such as lifetime management, inheritance, multicast event handlers, and interfaces
  o A base class library for common features such as rich string manipulation, timers, and running tasks
  o A UI framework for attaching dynamic behaviors to HTML in a cross-browser way
  o A network stack to simplify server connectivity and access to web services
  o A set of controls for rich UI, such as auto-complete textboxes, popup panels, animation, and drag and drop
  o A browser compatibility layer to address scripting behavior differences between browsers.

2。ASP.NET Server Controls for Atlas,将推出新的支持AJAX风格的ASP.NET Server Controls ,同时更新现有Server Controls 以支持Atlas Client Script Framework

3。ASP.NET Web Services Integration,Atlas应用将能通过Atlas Client Script Framework访问ASMX 或Indigo 服务,该框架自动处理代理编码生成以及对象序列化

4。ASP.NET Building Block Services for Atlas, ASP.NET 2.0中的服务(Profile,UI Personalization,Authentication,Roles)可以通过Web Service的形式出现,可以通过Atlas Client Script Framework来访问

5。Client Building Block Services 将提供方便的API来访问浏览器本地的缓存,以及跟本地应用的集成等

6。下一步包括对类似项目的支持的工具的改进,同时这些服务器端的新服务(Building Block Services 和 Client Building Block Services )将来也可以通过Avalon来访问