Ruby 和 .NET


1。[来源:Rob Chartier] Wilco Bauwer刚推出他的IronRuby预览版


2。 John Lam的名叫RubyCLR的Ruby to CLR bridge



3。 Steel是个Visual Studio 2005的Ruby语言的add-in,目前支持使用Ruby本身的解释器,句法加色,调试等

另外,下面是上次提到的《Dobb博士杂志》2006年6月期的Ruby On Rails封面文章的连接;pgno=1


最新一期的《Dobb博士杂志》(2006年6月)的封面文章的标题为“Ruby On Rails–Java’s Successor?”。该文对Ruby On Rails做了个综述性的介绍,同时还对Rails框架的作者David Heinemeier Hansson做了采访。

本月,业界著名人士Martin Fowler在他的bliki上发表了“EvaluatingRuby”的专文,也对Ruby做了推荐,

“…It’s still early days yet, but I now have a handful of project experiences to draw on. So far the results are firmly in favor of Ruby. When I ask the question “do you think you’re significantly more productive in Ruby rather than Java/C#”, each time I’ve got a strong ‘yes’. (虽然为期还早,但我现在能从ThoughtWorkers公司的多个项目的经验中获取一些结论。到目前为止,结果是看好Ruby。当我向参与Ruby项目的有关人员询问下面这个问题,“你是否认为,你使用 Ruby,比之于Java或C#,生产效率高出很多?”,每次的答复都是很坚定的,“是!”)

…In all these cases, those involved said they are getting functionality, and value, faster out of the door than they had in other platforms. This suggests to me that if you’re looking for delivery speed and productivity you should take a serious look at Ruby. (在涉及的项目个案中,参与人员都说,与其他平台相比,他们推出功能和价值方面都比较快。在我看来,如果你的目的是交付速度和生产力,那么你应该认真地看一下Ruby。)

…But overall these experiences, from trusted colleagues mean I’m increasingly positive about using Ruby for serious work where speed, responsiveness, and productivity are important. (总的来说,我非常信任的同事的这些体验意味着,在那些注重速度,响应性以及生产力的严肃的工作中使用Ruby,我的看法是日趋肯定。)”

与此同时,我们尊敬的Don Box近来也写了不少针对Ruby的博客,涉及DSL,Block,与C#比较等内容。 在其中一文中,他说,

“…From where I sit, Ruby has the language thought leadership position and is the competitor I hope AndersH is losing the most sleep over nowadays. (从我的角度来看,Ruby处于语言的思想领袖的地位,应该是让AndersH这些日子辗转难眠的竞争对手,我希望如此。)…”